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We decided to use AirBnb for this trip as we did last year. We used the same place as we did last year because we really liked the place. Checking in was quite easy, since our host just left the keys in the mailbox instead of having to meet us at the station.

We lived in Koiwa which was in Edogawa ward.

Here is our apartment.

This is the living roomWe got some welcome snacks from our hostHere is the kitchenHere is our bedroomHere is the toilet! Our toilet has these fancy Japanese buttons.This is the bathroom. The washing machine doubles as a dryer as well.This is the bathroom. The whole room is a bathroom. You can actually get the whole room wet. You’re supposed to shower first before entering the bath tub, hence why the shower head is not in the bath tub like they do in the west. The bathtub is quite small compared to it’s western counterparts. Also on the wall there are these buttons which regulates the temperature of the water. It is also throught this buttons you fill the tub with water, my boyfriend was the one filling the tub with water. I only know how to turn of the filling of the water. It also gives you an indication or alarm when to turn of the water. Also there is also a button thing in the kitchen, so you can turn off the water while on the kitchen.I forgot to mention maybe that we also got a pocket wi-fi. Our host left us with a pocket wi-fi. Pocket wi-fi’s are really handy in Japan. Free wi-fi from restaurants and such is quite a hassle if you ask me. We have to log in to this and that, but with pocket wi-fi you have wi-fi with you everywhere you go. The downside of it is you have to have a pocket charger with you in case it runs out of battery.

Also we had airconditioning in our apartment, which was great since it was quite hot in Japan when we were there.

I really want to go back to Japan already 😀

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