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I went to my annual London trip with my sister in the middle of January. The reason I travel to London is so I can buy this years Christmas and birthday gifts. Let's be honest, there aren't a  lot of things to choose from here in Norway and it's much cheaper in London!

So we went there on a Saturday and it was raining. We went straight to our hotel and then straight to Primark. We used about 2000 kr for clothes and accessories there, but we bought a lot both for ourselves and for iur friends and family.

We proceeded to go back to our hotel with three bags full of clothes and hangers. Hangers you ask? Apparently, Primark cashiers stopped taking off hangers off clothes.

After dividing our things and packing them in our luggages we decided to go back to Bond Street. Went window and candy shopping 😊

Also parts of Oxford Street and Regent Street were closed when we were there due to the Lumier London 2018  which my sister and I found to be a wonderful experience 😊

Our trip was quite short, like fron Saturday to Sunday, so these are some of the few photos I have 🙈 it was a nice short vacation though 😊

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Tags and gifts

Hello! So what did I go to Paris for? Well the answer is tags, luggage tags from New York to be more precise.

Here they are!

New York relased a lot of new stamps simultaneously, and I made a friend who helped me with it, Yuting. I met with Yuting to pay for these as well, since they do cost money, especially the Statue of Liberty one.

The stamps are the Statue of Liberty, New York Apple, famous yellow cab, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrystler Building and Empire State Building. I also got the pins from the VVV exhibition they had in New York

Yuting is quite kind to help me get all of these!

Not only did she help me with the tags but she gave me gifts as well.

She also gave me a Sakura Starbucks planner, sakura tea spoon and a Svarovski charm. The sakura planner is as gorgeous in real life as it is in the photo. It is absolutely lovely, and I love it! The charm is also quite cute, and the teaspoon! 💕💕💕

Yuting is such a nice person and I am glad I went to Paris to finally meet her 💕

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Royal Visit to Norway!

Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge are in Norway at the moment for a royal visit.

Yesterday, I read that we commoners has a chance to meet them. So after class yesterday on my way home I decided to walk towards the palace instead. There were a few people there, and I saw a vacant spot at one of the fences and decided to wait there. I guess I was standing there from 14:15, and it wasn't until around 15 that we started to see action.

Around 15, the royals walked out of the palace towards us. I have seen the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway on multiple occasions, but Prince William and Kate Middleton! Would never in my lifetime imagine seeing them.

A follower in IG pointed out how cool it is that they're looking at the camera 🙈 But OMG they are so 😍😍😍 Kate Middleton is so classy and beautiful💕

After they walked past me, I waited with two other strangers for them to come back. Luckily, I did. I met my aunt randomly and we waited patiently.

They came back at around 15:45 and we still had the best place to stand in 🙈

Please excuse my face! I had little sleep and was quite tired 🙈

It was a great way to start the month if you ask me 😊💕

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Louis Vuitton

If you haven't noticed, I have been mentioning Louis Vuitton a lot on my previous post.

I visited Louis Vuitton a lot of times during my short stay.

I visited Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées to buy some luggage tags, because you can only get them there. I have a few friends I try to help as much as I can. I stood in line at around 10:15 and mind you, they opened 10. I think I stood there for about 10 minutes.

Anyways, once I got it I went straight to the luggage departement and up to the fourth floor.

After Champs-Élysées I went to Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme. The building had these rays of light when I was there in December, but now it's gone 😢

I proceeded to go to the top floor at the luggage department. There I got my tags stamped 😊  some of which I have already sent to their respective owners 😊

The Louis Vuitton Eiffel tower trunks came back the day before I arrived.

Here are three tags stamped with the Eiffel tower trunks.

The front of these tags are stamped with the sun. The blue  tag and the red tag was stamped when I was in Paris on December 😊

Aren't they pretty? Mine is the one on the middle 😊

After getting the tags stamped, I went to meet my friend for lunch. After lunch we went back to LV Vendôme to buy one more tag and to stamp more tags.

We had a great SA and the service was great. We were offered drinks, something I had to say yes to since lack of sleep gave me a headache 🙈

I opted for an orange juice while waiting for the tags to be finished stamping.

After we were done at Vendôme, we went to Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées to buy more tags for my friend 😊 Also she has never been to Champs-Élysées, so she had to visit it 🙈

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A visit to Paris is never complete without Ladurée! I am also a sucker for their pretty boxes. I collect their boxes since some are unique.

I bought two Ladurée boxes with 6 macarons each. There will always be chocolate and caramel in my boxes.

As usual I keep on forgetting what I chose, but I do remember ordering a strawberry candy, heart, orange blossom, lime zest, coconut lime and rose petal.

  • 31.01.2018, 20:18

Paris for a day!

Exactly a week ago, I was in Paris. I went there on a daytrip to meet an IG friend from New York. She was helping me with some stamps from New York. Since I didn't know how to pay her, I thought it was a great idea to meet her. It was, but traveling for a day to a different country can be tiresome!

My day started by waking up at 3 AM, to catch the 3:40AM bus, luckily I live two minutes away from the bus station. I had to leave that early because I couldn't check-in online and my flight was departing at 6AM.

I arrived in Paris at around 10 AM, then I went straight to business. I went to Louis Vuitton at Champs-Élysées. I had to stand in line to come in for about 15 minutes. After Champs, I went to Louis Vuitton at Place Vendôme, did what I had to do there.

After I was done at Louis Vuitton, I went to Hermès to meet my friend. From there, we walked to her hotel and then to Galleries Lafayette.

We had lunch there at a Panasian restaurant. Good food and great view.

We tried the rice in pineapple dish! It was good, especially when you get pineapple bites. We also had maki and dumplings which unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos of.

This was my view from the restaurant, it so lovely isn't it?

After eating we went to Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme, then we went to the Tuileries park. It was a bit windy, so taking selfies to get a nice background was a bit difficult.

After that we walked along Champs-Élysées and went to Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées again, then we went to Hermès and then I had to leave to catch my plane back 🙈

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Hello! How has your January been? Mine has been hectic! I started the year working, then the day after picked up the keys to our new student housing! Moved almost everything by the end of the week!

The week after I was a buddy for international students, which was fun!

The week after that school started while I have been juggling work. Then I traveled to London with my sister, then to Paris alone!

This week I will juggle school, work and workout!

I will try to write the rest of my Paris trip and the trips I had for this year. I may start with ny recent travels 😊

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Sephora Haul!

On Wednesday, December 20, I was awaiting the arrival of my boyfriend! In the meantime I went to Sephora and shopped!

I don't usually buy make-up but I felt like I had to, and I actually bought for my sister and some for me.

We don't have Sephora in Norway 😢 I also wanted to try Rihannas Fenty Beauty make-up!

Here is my haul!

This is the most I have used on make-up! Make-up is so expensive! It's crazy.

My sister wanted something from Too Faced because ''they smell and tastes so good''. The smell good part is true. I loved the smell of this peach pallette. I did tell my sister that I didn't buy this because it was expensive. I gave this to her as a Christmas gift, and she loved it!

Next up are a bunch of different things from Sephora such as facial soap, masks, brush cleanser and Sampar!

Sampar is an awesome product. When I came to Paris I had this giant pimple that wouldn't pop on my face. It was huge and really hurt. I tried Sampar, and it stung so bad, but my pimple got a bit smaller the next day. I visited three more Sephoras to buy more. They were always almost sold out. Almost because whenever they tell me they're sold out, they try to find one and they're like ''this is the last one''. Don't be fooled by the box though, Sampar is tiny!

Next up is Fenty Beauty!

The pallette is for my sister as well, she was very surprised  and not to mention happy when she saw it hidden inside her Christmas gift 😊

She wanted a foundation, but since she wasn't there to test the color, I had to. I am color 210, and risked buying her one in the same color. Luckily it was a perfect fit for her. I did tell her I bought her one, so this was not  a surprise for her.

I also bought two Galaxy Lip sticks. The color is absolutely gorgeous 😍 I bought one for myself, and the other one as a reseve.

Here is a photo of me with and without the Fenty Pro Filter.

The left photo was taken on the 21st of December while the right photo was taken on December 24.

The left photo is make-up free, except for the eyebrows, while the right photo is with my full-on make-up 🙈

Not sure if there is much difference.

Neways, then I got a lot of samples! They love giving out samples at Sephora, wished they have out samples here in Norway as well.

These are all the samples I received, I gave some to my sister. I still have to try them out though 😊

Also, going to Sephora make take you longer than expected! My boyfriend had to wait for me for about half an hour because I took too long at Sephora 🙈

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Day 1 in Paris

So after Louis Vendome I went to various places such as Galleries Lafayette, Champs-Élysées and what I like to call for Little Tokyo.

Galleries Lafayette was a little bit crowded, but not as crowded as I am used to. I visited Longchamp and usually I have to stand on a queue, but this time I went straight in.

I was looking for a Paris bag. I already have one, which is already quite worn on the sides from constant use. They had the bag, but in colors I did not like.  Next I went to Chanel because there was no queue. I have to say I found it intimidating to go inside the store. I don't know why, but it's just intimidating. I left the store with a card with some pricing info, which was nice.

The Christmas decoration at Galleries Lafayette was wonderful through! The decors around the '' Christmas tree'' were moving, it was so mesmerizing!

After Galleries Lafayette, I went to Champs-Élysées and went to the Louis Vuitton store. It was such a big store! I got a perfume sample in a big bag 😂 I went there almost empty handed as well 😊

I don't have photos from inside of the store, but I do have photos of the display windows outside 😂

After my small visit there, I decided to walk to little Tokyo. So it meant I had to walk from Champs-Élysées, back to Vendome then to Little Tokyo. If you ask me why I did not use the subway, well I wanted to see the Christmas market.

There wasn't any Christmas market along Champs-Élysées! They had it last year, but they may have removed them because of terror. I did manage to take some photos, and Champs-Élysées during the night is still quite nice 😊

I think it took me about an hour or half an hour to go to Little Tokyo. I should probably stop calling it Little Tokyo, the place is somewhere in Rue Saint Anne. They have a lot of Japanese, Chinese and Korean restaurants there.

I did drop by an Asian store to buy some furikake. Furikake are toppings you put on top of rice 😊

After that I went to a restaurant called Sapporo, and ate Yakiniku alone. It's so sad 😂 The food was good though 😋

I think I was back at the hotel before 9 PM. I watched Netflix the rest of the night. FYI! Netflix France has a lot more movies and series than Netflix Norway!

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Louis Vuitton Place Vendome

Hello and hope you had a lovely Christmas 🎄

Anyways, back to my Paris trip! I was alone in Paris up until Wednesday. So what I did during the day I was alone was to carry on with my business!

My first agenda was to visit Louis Vuitton Place Vendome!

That is because in this store you can get a special stamp, and I had some tags to stamp for friends and to trade 😊 you see in the months of my absence from this blog, I became addicted to collecting stamps from Louis Vuitton 🙈

I didn't get to take a lot of photos inside, since I think it's embarassing however I managed to get some

While waiting almost an hour for the hot stamping guy to come I was looking around the floor and bought a few tour books for my brother and I. I was also offered drinks, and I chose tea 😊

The hot stamping process was fascinating and it took a few minutes to get all the tags I brought with me stamped 😊

Here is my tag stamped with the LV Sun 😍 it is one of my prettiest stamp to date 🙈

I actually came out of the store with a giant shopping bag, but really all that was inside of it were two books! 🙈

Tje other book was wrapped nicely because I told the SA that it was a gift for my brother, which it was so I don't have a photo of it 🙈

I also went or walked by the store during the evening and took a photo of the building. It is so gorgeous 😍

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from me to you and your family 🎄

I am still currently at work and won't be off until 6:30, which is under 30 minutes. Can't wait to get home and celebrate💕

Hope your celebration will be fantastic 💕💕💕

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Hotel Design Sorbonne

Hello! It is the second to the last day of my stay in Paris and also second to the last day of my vacation!

This year we are staying at Hotel Design Sorbonne! This is seriously my favorite hotel!

I came to Paris a few days ahead of my boyfriend, since he still had exams on Tuesday 😑

Anyways here are some photos of the hotel. There seems to be a lack of lighting, but I've tried my best to brighten the photos. Also we are staying at the first floor, so I can't open the curtains or else visitors and the receptionists may see me.

When I arrived, I had mail from Louis Vuitton containing tickets to the Fondation Louis Vuitton! My SA fixed it for me 😁

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Lazy Mondays

So I still have one more exam left, an oral exam. However, I do not know if I will have it on Thursday or Friday.

In the meantime, I have been slowly packing my stuff from my room. It is unbelievably hard to pack away stuff. I have a lot of stuff I have put up on sale as well, but things are kinda slow these days. It is probably because it's almost Christmas.

Why am I packing? Well, I will be moving out soon. I am finally being an adult adult. I will be moving out at the start of the year, which is pretty soon. Very soon actually.

I need to go back to packing my stuff

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Finally done!

I never thought that going back to school would make my schedule so hectic. University and College are two different things! I went to College for three years and was able to work, travel and study at the same time, but in University it is way more difficult to combine all of those things. We have mandatory classes, so traveling is not an option. For the past few months every Wednesday and Fridays I have started very early. Like 4-5AM early, which means I have been awake at 3 AM during those days. After that I go straight to school with a few minutes to spare. The rest of my days I use to sleep or work out, but mostly sleep. I don't really have any spare days to be honest. When I get home, I am quite tired that blogging is not the first thing on my mind. I haven't been near my computer for a long time too! It's crazy!

I have one last exam though, which is an oral exam next week. I do have some free time now, for a while, but I kinda need to unpack my room. Guess what? I am moving out soon! Like January 2 soon :P

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Different Japanese snacks and drinks

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It would take a long time if I wrote a post for each and everything we ate there, so I'll just clump them up into one post.Unfortunately I haven't been able to take a photo of everything we ate, so these are the ones I have on my phone.

We'll start first with the food, then drinks, and desserts :)

For starters let me just tell you that Japanese food are delicious and not to mention cheap!

This is Takoyaki with teriyaki sauce and eggs. These were cold eggs by the way, and they were delicious

This is a meal we buy at Family Mart, a 7-11 like store, except they have much better selection and is open 24/7! This has been our brunch for most of our stay there. Not only is it cheap, but it is absolutely delicious!. Underneath it is a lot of rice, way too much rice.

This is a supermarket sushi. Yes, supermarket, and it cots around 45NOK! Not only are they good, but cheap as well. The 49 NOK sushi from Rema 1000 has nothing on these, tastewise. These are the type of sushi you get at an overpriced restaurant here in Norway.

These are also from FamilyMart, quite cheap as well, I think they are under 20NOK.

Now, let's move on to desserts

This one is the equivalent of "saft is". They have ice-y bits on the inside, but this is perfect for a hot weather.

This is Matcha soft serve with black sesame seed cone from an ice cream store calle 63 C.

Pringle with wasabi flavor. This was quite good actually, not to spicy.

These are wasabi lolipop. I haven't eaten my salmon yet, but my boyfriend says " Can I have yours, since you may get a sore throat from the sweetness of it ". It's actually as long as my middle finger, so it is quite big compared to normal lolipops.

Here's a mix of desserts and food. The rice ball on the left, is onigiri with sour plum. Love sour plum and onigiri together. Perfect go-to meal or snack. Then we have a grape beer? I really have no idea, I was celebrating getting an A on our bachelor thesis. Then we have lemon shots, which have been my best friend for the first three days in Japan. It is because I became sick on the plane. And then we have milk pudding! It is so good!

Here are some other drinks.

Melon Soda! This is the only melon soda I love to drink!

Fanta Kiwi + E was suprisingly good, hard to decribe how it tastes like.

To be honest this wasn't good at all,too sour. I only wanted the bottle :P

I wished I took photos of everything we ate, but sometimes when you have little time or really hungry that is not the first thing that comes up on your mind.

Looking back at these photos makes me miss Japan more and wished we had more choices here in Norway.


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