Tokyo Disneyland

Hi! So I have been in Japan for almost a week now! Our pocket wifi has been so slow so posting stuff takes time.

We spent Christmas Day in Tokyo Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Unfortunately we were only able to ride 4 rides, why you ask? Well  the queues were unbelievably long, like 110 minutes waiting time long.

We were all still jetlagged and tired so standing in queue for that long was not good for us. Although we were able to see the morning and night parade before heading back home 😊

Tokyo Disneyland also has their own Coke bottle

The night parade

Also we ate dinner at one of the restaurants inside Disney, the Plasma Ray’s Diner

The food was okay, but the buns shaped as Mickey’s gloves were very delicious!

London trip summary

I have done short weekend trips before and even a day trip, but this one was so exhausting. It must have been because of our very tight schedule and the lack of sleep.

I will never take an early flight back to Norway the next time I do a weekend trip to London, it’s just not worth the lack of sleep.

I do not know when I will go back to London since I am going to Japan this winter break 😊 Yes I am going back to Japan, so I have been working like crazy 💖


My sister and I went to Selfridges twice! Once before going to Primark, we only went to Louis Vuitton. I wanted to get my friend the special stamp from Selfridges. However, one SA said they didn’t have it anymore, while the other one said it takes 5 days for it to be done.  We did go to the pop-up store for the Catogram line! Cute stuff from Grace Coddington

The second time we went there was after visiting Primark. I was looking for the nearest Krispy Kreme and it showed that it’s near the end of the street where Selfridges ends towards Baker Street or something. My boyfriend requested I buy him Krispy Kreme. Since it was raining, I told my sister that we could probably go through Selfridges, which we did.

While at the food court we found someone eating Krispy Kreme! There was a Krispy Kreme inside Selfridges. I know they had it before, but then it disappeared. Their choices were limited, but I was able to buy the original glaze and I bought the Selfridges

It was delicious and creamy btw! I also bought Mochi ice cream. Heard about them, but never tried them.

I love mochi and bought 6 pieces to share with my sister. We got 2 mangoes, 1 matcha, 1 pumpkin spice (too strong taste) and 2 raspberry. Mango was the best!

They may be called ice cream, but you don’t have to eat them asap. My sister told me that she heard that we should wait a few minutes before eating them so that they are not completely frozen.

We weren’t able to eat them because we were busy, I think it took us about 15 minutes before we were able to eat them. They were perfectly fine

Victoria’s Secret 🤫

After Jollibee my sister and I went towards Oxford Street to shop 😊

One of our first stops was Victoria’s Secret, because we walked past it while going to Louis Vuitton at New Bond Street.

The store has some of the runway outfits on display along with a photo and model information. They’re so pretty to look at

We didn’t plan on buying anything there, we just wanted to see what they had. Did we end up buying? Why yes we did 😂🙈

We bought from the Pink line, I think we were there for about an hour. And you’d think we’d buy a lot, but we didn’t. We bought enough for ourselves, but it took us a long time because there are a lot to choose from

The sports bra has a zipper in front, which is great! Sometimes when I haven’t worked out in a long time, especially where the arms and shoulders are concerned, I get so sore that it’s so difficult to take clothes off. The zipper at the front is so convenient, which means I won’t have to cry anymore while trying to take off my sports bra whenever I am sore.

If they had the other colors available in my size, I would’ve bought more, unfortunately they only had tons of S and M. Very few in L 👎

I know we have Victoria’s Secret in Norway, but I wished we got Pink as well. I like the choices from Pink better.


I went to London with my sister last weekend for a very short weekend trip. We went there to celebrate our cousins 50th birthday, so we weren’t able to go around London that much 😔

We arrived in London at around 12 AM, so we weren’t really able to explore the city! Thankfully KFC was open and was a saviour for us hungry travellers!

We just got something small from KFC, pop corn chicken 😅

They’re basically just tiny chicken nuggets! They were okay!

Our Saturday was a hectic one!

Louis Vuitton in Paris

When my mother and I went to Paris, we brought our Le Jour Se Leve perfumes with us. We wanted to get our bottles engraved with our initials, and they do it in Paris.

We went to Champs-Élysées 30 mins before closing. The security men didn’t want us to go in at first, then I was asked by one of the ladies if I knew what I wanted and I told her yes. She let us in.

We found someone who could help us and gave our bottles with instructions. You see, my moms bottle was brand new while mine was half empty. So we told them to engrave the right bottle.

When the SA came, the engravings were on the wrong bottle and my mom was upset. The SA said she would come back. So while waiting my mom and I were browsing and were given champagne. The SA returned with the other bottle filled for free! My mom became happy 😊

Here is my bottle! My mom’s is exactly the same only with a J and not a K.

We also went to the Vendôme location to get a tag stamped.

We got tea and madeleins while waiting for the stamp to be finished 😊

We got her initial stamped on the front and the trunk eiffel tower at the back.

I also got a special stamp, but I won’t reveal it just yet.

We didn’t buy anything from LV. Personally, I wouldn’t buy any LV or luxury goods for more than 6000 kr overseas. Sure we get tax-free, but I would still have to pay 25% in MVA which means I pay more than what it costs buying it in Norway. LV prices in Oslo and Paris are quite similar, so it’s better if I buy here.

We did overall get great service at both Champs-Élysées and Vendôme 😊 I think my mom enjoyed her experience 💖

Eiffel Tower

After visiting Sacre Coeur, my mother and I went to Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower!

She was so happy to see it! I think she jumped with joy. She said, she never thought she would see it like that. She always sees it on TV or movies!

We took a lot of photos 😛

Just before 9 or was it 8, the lights on the tower started to turn on! My mom got more exited and happy!

We did not climb the tower, the queue was a bit long and I think we started to get hungry.


After Notre Dame, we headed towards Sacré-Coeur. I went there two years ago, during a rainy night. It was a scary experience, since I remember walking behind two men who were walking behind this old lady. At one point they tried to steal from her without wanting to be detected. I just held on tight to my boyfriends hand.

So this time, I went with my mom during daylight, and the place was pretty easy to find. Things are easier to find when it is bright outside. After climbing a lot of stairs we were finally at the top.

The view of Paris, in my opinion, is gorgeous!

We were there for a while, before heading to a different place. We were lucky with the weather! We also took some tourist-y photos of us sitting on the stairs. I realize that I don’t really have nice photos of me sitting XD it must be the angle, but whatever. My mom took my photo, and you know for mothers, all their children are beautiful. I look half angry half glad! It is the sun blinding my eyes btw!

Amorino Gelato

When I met with my mom again after Notre Dame, she was like ” I ate ice cream with a macaron, do you want some?” So I got one, my mom was quite excited for me, she really wanted me to buy one.

So many flavors to choose from!

I am a sorbet type of person, so I got lemon, mango and raspberry ( I think, I am 100%sure on the lemon and mango though). As for the macaron, I forgot what flavor it was! I love how they shaped the sorbet into a flower with the macaron on top. It was so beautiful to look at, and not to mention it was delicious! I did however find it hard to eat it without ruining the look 🙂

No visit in Paris is complete without Notre Dame

I have been to Paris about 8 times or so, and I always visit Notre Dame! I never get tired of the place.

So during our second day in Paris, we decided to walk to Notre Dame. Walk, since it takes about 10 minutes from our hotel to walk there. I took a lot of tourist-y photos of my mom. I also told her that you could climb on top, but there would be a queue. I didn’t want to climb Notre Dame again, I think once was more than enough. My mom wanted to, so we split for about two hours.

So while my mom was queuing for Notre Dame, I was looking for a place to eat. I walked around Sorbonne and found an Asian restaurant. I ordered a menu, which was actually too much.

I got salad and miso soup as a starter.

My delicious sushi 🙂

By the time I was done with my maki and nigiri, I was actually very full. Then I had these barbeques and rice! I regretted ordering a menu, but those barbeque were delicious!

By the time I finished eating, I went back to Notre Dame and waited for my mom. She was done by the time I was done as well! 🙂

We did go back to the Latin Quarter later that day and we walked back to Notre Dame before heading home. I think it is pretty during the night 🙂