The day after Disney Land, we headed back to the airport to go to Osaka!

Our first day in Osaka we went to Shinshaibashi and met up with my friend. After meeting her, we went towards Dotonbori to find food to eat.


We settled for an Okonomiyaki place, which served delicious okonomiyaki.

We managed to mix up our okonomiyaki orders when they were at the table. We thought our orders got mixed up, so we tried to fix it, only to find out some were correct from the start. You see my sister and my friend had a different order than me and my bf. It was funny, and we had a great time.

We headed towards Nanba Parks after our meal. My friend wanted to show us the parks on top of the buildings.

Although we weren’t able to see the place light up at night, it was still a nice view and a bit refreshing to see a park with plants and flowers on top of a shopping centre, or something.

After our visit to Nanba Parks, we went to my friends car, because we agreed to go to her place for dinner. She drove us first to our Airbnb place.  The car ride took about 1 hour, and given that we were still jetlagged, some of us managed to sleep in the car. I did explain to my friend that we were still jetlagged and apologized before hand if I manage to sleep.

At her place we met her adorable dogs and her family. Her mother and mother in-law were so kind! They treated us to sushi, the really good ones, like with very delicious tuna, and curry.

They also served us mochi with sweet soy sauce and fried mochi, very delicious and new for us.

My friend also gave us matcha pudding and custard pudding, as well as mikan, which were very easy to peel.  Mikan is like the clementines we have in Norway, except that they were seedless and very easy to peel. I wasn’t able to taste the custard, but I did love the matcha pudding. I do love matcha.

We had a really great time actually. We didn’t really plan on spending the whole day together, but I do not regret it one bit! it was also quite nice to meet my friend.


By the way changed into wordpress, and I cannot figure out how to have my photos at a fixed space or format lb p

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