Arc de Triomphe

After our trip to Ladurée, we went towards Arc de Triomphe!

I took a lot of tourist-y photos with my mom! And I did tell her we would climb the place, because why not?

There was a queue to go inside, but the queue went pretty fast so we did not have to wait long.

The view from the top is pretty spectacular! I think my mom really enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower from there! My mom brought with her a selfie stick, which we were able to use! Also a couple asked to borrow it so they could take a nice selfie with the tower at the back!

I think we stayed at the top for about 20 minutes! Oh I forgot, they have an elevator, but we couldn’t use it, so we had to climb the stairs! I think my legs were quite dead from climbing up, and I got dizzy going down since it was a spiral staircase.

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