TGI Fridays Karl Johan

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to Fridays at Karl Johan for a late anniversary celebration. We arrived at Fridays around 9PM and were seated inside.

There were not a lot of people inside, but we were seated between a couple and a man.

The menu we got had only starters, burgers and ribs, so there weren’t really a lot of meals to chose from.

The man beside us left quite mad, I think he sat there for a long time. We didn’t really see a server til around after 20 minutes of sitting there. We were actually just considering leaving. When the waitress came she came to my bf and I. The couple beside us seemed annoyed, and I did tell the waitress to take their orders first as they were there before us.

We ordered Chips and dips, refillable soda, ribs and burger.

We got our chips and dips around 21:45. It was good!

My boyfriend drank all of his soda and asked for a refill. We didn’t see a refill until after he asked for his refill when the waitress came back 10 minutes later. On the brightside he got the refill for free. I decided to not drink up my soda and save it for the rest of the night.

In the meantime, another couple was seated between us. They have been sitting there for a long time as well. It took the waitress incredibly long time to take their orders.

The first couple beside us got their food around 22. And they have been sitting there around 30 minutes before us. Our food came 22:10, which meant we have been sitting there for an hour already!

I ordered ribs, the onion rings were delicious, fries and coleslaw was a bit meh. I wasn’t able to eat up everything though. My food came in a tray btw, not that attractive if you ask me.

Anyways while eating the other couple beside us had to return both their food. I think the guys fries were cold, and the bread his wife had was burned. I think it took another 15 or 20 minutes before the wife got her food. His came a bit earlier. By the time the wife got her food they pretty much didn’t stay that long.

My boyfriend and I weren’t able to eat up all our food to be honest, we usually do.

I was actually excited to go to Friday’s to celebrate our anniversary. I was looking into eating their delicious oreo ice cream. With their slow service and almost non existent servers, we just dropped it. We figured if we ordered it it wouldn’t come to us until 23:30 and it would probably be melted.

I am very disappointed in TGI Fridays Karl Johans’ service, pretty sure I was not the only one. It felt like those of us who were seated inside were neglected. The waiters  took a long time to get our orders and food. When they asked us three couples who sat beside each other if our food was okay, we were almost finished eating. The waiters were not attentive, someone from a group who sat before us had to raise their hand to get a waitress attention.

I don’t think I would recommend anyone going to Friday’s Karl Johan. Not worth the money! I think I would go to the one in Jernbanetorget. I had a much better experience there when I went there earlier this year.

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