My little Micra!

I got my drivers license in 2015 at the age of 24. Prior to that, driving cars didn’t interest me. My uncle and my aunt gave me the driving package for my 18th birthday. I actually completed everything required except for passing the driving test itself. Shifting gears are my weakness, and embarassing as it is I failed a few times.

I never felt the burden of not owning a car or having a license until I started working with my current job. As I lived outside Oslo, I had to find ways to go to and from work on my own whenever I got shifts where there were no means of public transportation.

One day, I got the motivation to just get my drivers lisence. I just needed to re-take the written exam and take the driving exam again. So bought packages from prø to practice with the questions and took the written exam. I passed, and I called my driving teacher who told me to book a practical exam before August 12. Why before that? The roads wouldn’t be as busy since the school year haven’t started yet.

I booked the earliest practical exam which was like a week after. The driving teacher wanted me to take automatic and not manual. Probably because he knows I still suck at driving manually. I practiced for a week non-stop. I did pass my practical exam 😁😁😁

Anyways, fast forward to March 2016. A day before my 25th birthday. I bought my first ever car, a Nissan Micra. It was from 2008, but it had a lot of life left.

Having a car made work life much more easier, I didn’t have any more restrictions on my shifts.

Funny thing btw, my car has received some damages, none of which were caused by me. A neighbor crashed into my car while it was parked. An aunt crashed my car somewhere when she borrowed it. The damages where light, not big bulks or anything.

I have gone to countless trips to Sweden, went on a road trip to Denmark with my car and visited family.

However, tomorrow I will be saying goodbye to it. When I started living in the city, I didn’t have any more use for my car. Also it’s quite expensive to own one. I went to have it’s annual service done last year, I had to pay 17000 NOK! That’s a lot of money.

So today, I cleaned my car and took it to a car wash. Poor things been covered in leaves and pollen.

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