New In: Alma Bb

So I went to Louis Vuitton today! I woke up to a text that my bag came in 😊

Funny thing, when I was inside the store I realized that I forgot my card with me 🤦🏻‍♀️ so embarassing, so I went back home and then back to the store with my card with me. Luckily, they understood but still embarassing.

I came back from the store not too long ago and without further ado, here is my wonderful Alma BB in Indigo.

I’ve been eyeing the Alma BB for quite some time now. The color I wanted, black and pink, is sold out. Indigo was the second color I wanted. The rose ballerine has crossed my mind, but I feel like it is too delicate and can get dirty fast.

I opted for the Alma in epi because I feel like it is a bit more discreet than it’s mono and damier counterparts.

I love that there is a hook on the handles specifically for the straps! I feel like this bag is going to be my go to bag in the future 🙈

Have a nice day ahead 💕

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