• 11.09.2017, 14:15

L'Ueno and the cutest pastries!

Ever since I discovered this place with my brother on December 2015, I keep coming back to buy something from this place. This is a bakery located near Ueno Station. If you walk from Ueno Station to Ueno Jr Line station, one can walk past this bakery.

L'Ueno has the cutest pastries I have seen. They're so cute that you don't really want to eat them.

Just look at how cute they are

We visited late at night, so we didn't by a lot, only a few.

Here is a koala, a bear and a lion. I think the lion is matcha flavored, while the bear is chocolate and the koala as well.

We also bought these blocks that had sakura (cherry blossom) filling, red bean filling and chocolate filling.

There is a new baby panda on Ueno Zoo so Ueno was filled with souveniers of a baby panda, these breads are celebrating it as well.

All these pastries were good! I'm saying this because there are some pastries that looks good but taste's horrible. These however both looks cute and tastes good!

I must say that they only accept cash, and not visa card. So I ran out of cash and had to stand at the counter while waiting for my boyfriend to come back from the nearest ATM. That was 5 minutes of awkwardness :P

Victoria Larsen

11.09.2017 kl. 14:20
S mye spennende! Love it!


13.09.2017 kl. 03:08
Victoria Larsen: De hadde mye annet ogs som var like ste!

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