Island Hopping in Siargao

We went island hopping in Siargao. We went to three islands: Naked Island, Daku and Guyam.

We went near the pier and booked our island hopping tour. Two other tourists from Spain actually went to us and asked if we could form as a group, which we did. The tour was good for 6 people and splitting the cost is much better. As for how much it was, I think it was 1500PHP for 6 people for the tour.

Before going to the boat, we had to buy lunch. So we bought some bread and seafood for lunch.

The first island we went to was the Naked Island. I would think naked island was the name given to it, because it just is an island without any trees, just a naked island. We were there for maybe half an hour or an hour.

The second island we went to was Daku island. It was the biggest island among the three we stayed at and it was where we had lunch. We rented a cottage and gave all our food to the boatmen so they could get them cooked. We shared our food with them by the way.


There were dogs and cats on the island. The dogs we met were kind, but they had very long nails. There was also Japanese actor shooting for a commercial there. He was from the movie Nobody Knows, Yuya Yagira.

Our last stop was Guyam Island. It was the island I actually liked the most! It had shops where you could buy snacks and shakes. There were hammocks and people could play beach volleyball.

I bought the mango shake ( with a stainless steel straw) at Guyum’s Burger! This was one of the best shakes I have had!

If you’re wondering why my photo is not as sunny as other photos from Siargao. We went there at the end of July- early August, which is wet season in the Philippines! Luckily the weather wasn’t that bad when we went there.

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