New In: Converse

While procrastinating, I was thinking of what shoes to bring with me to Japan to walk with. I realized that I don’t really have a lot of good walking shoes.

I was looking at my old converse shoes that I have had since 2009 and wondered why I stopped using it. Then I looked at it and remembered, my feet becomes painful at the heel, like it feels like something is rubbing it. So I looked and the soles near the heels are actually quite damaged lol.

So off to the web I went and ordered myself new converse. The 2nd version with the better insoles. I read they were good to walk with. I ordered them on Sunday and got them at the mail today.. Talk about fast shipping.

Here’s the new insole. To be honest it does look more comfortable than the one Converse usually has

I also noticed that there’s a rubberband inside connecting the flap (is that what it is called?) and the sole. I wonder why they made that decision.

Can’t wait to use them and try them out to see if they really are comfortable

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