After Notre Dame, we headed towards Sacré-Coeur. I went there two years ago, during a rainy night. It was a scary experience, since I remember walking behind two men who were walking behind this old lady. At one point they tried to steal from her without wanting to be detected. I just held on tight to my boyfriends hand.

So this time, I went with my mom during daylight, and the place was pretty easy to find. Things are easier to find when it is bright outside. After climbing a lot of stairs we were finally at the top.

The view of Paris, in my opinion, is gorgeous!

We were there for a while, before heading to a different place. We were lucky with the weather! We also took some tourist-y photos of us sitting on the stairs. I realize that I don’t really have nice photos of me sitting XD it must be the angle, but whatever. My mom took my photo, and you know for mothers, all their children are beautiful. I look half angry half glad! It is the sun blinding my eyes btw!

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