Paris for a day!

Exactly a week ago, I was in Paris. I went there on a daytrip to meet an IG friend from New York. She was helping me with some stamps from New York. Since I didn’t know how to pay her, I thought it was a great idea to meet her. It was, but traveling for a day to a different country can be tiresome!

My day started by waking up at 3 AM, to catch the 3:40AM bus, luckily I live two minutes away from the bus station. I had to leave that early because I couldn’t check-in online and my flight was departing at 6AM.

I arrived in Paris at around 10 AM, then I went straight to business. I went to Louis Vuitton at Champs-Élysées. I had to stand in line to come in for about 15 minutes. After Champs, I went to Louis Vuitton at Place Vendôme, did what I had to do there.

After I was done at Louis Vuitton, I went to Hermès to meet my friend. From there, we walked to her hotel and then to Galleries Lafayette.

We had lunch there at a Panasian restaurant. Good food and great view.

We tried the rice in pineapple dish! It was good, especially when you get pineapple bites. We also had maki and dumplings which unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photos of.

This was my view from the restaurant, it so lovely isn’t it?

After eating we went to Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme, then we went to the Tuileries park. It was a bit windy, so taking selfies to get a nice background was a bit difficult.

After that we walked along Champs-Élysées and went to Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées again, then we went to Hermès and then I had to leave to catch my plane back 🙈

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    1. what a beautiful collage of so many pictures.. looks like you have a fantastic trip, holiday and adventure. i am so jealous of you in so many positive ways
      could you please take a tour inn to my blog? leave a comment :)?

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