Sephora Haul!

On Wednesday, December 20, I was awaiting the arrival of my boyfriend! In the meantime I went to Sephora and shopped!

I don’t usually buy make-up but I felt like I had to, and I actually bought for my sister and some for me.

We don’t have Sephora in Norway 😢 I also wanted to try Rihannas Fenty Beauty make-up!

Here is my haul!

This is the most I have used on make-up! Make-up is so expensive! It’s crazy.

My sister wanted something from Too Faced because ”they smell and tastes so good”. The smell good part is true. I loved the smell of this peach pallette. I did tell my sister that I didn’t buy this because it was expensive. I gave this to her as a Christmas gift, and she loved it!

Next up are a bunch of different things from Sephora such as facial soap, masks, brush cleanser and Sampar!

Sampar is an awesome product. When I came to Paris I had this giant pimple that wouldn’t pop on my face. It was huge and really hurt. I tried Sampar, and it stung so bad, but my pimple got a bit smaller the next day. I visited three more Sephoras to buy more. They were always almost sold out. Almost because whenever they tell me they’re sold out, they try to find one and they’re like ”this is the last one”. Don’t be fooled by the box though, Sampar is tiny!

Next up is Fenty Beauty!

The pallette is for my sister as well, she was very surprised  and not to mention happy when she saw it hidden inside her Christmas gift 😊

She wanted a foundation, but since she wasn’t there to test the color, I had to. I am color 210, and risked buying her one in the same color. Luckily it was a perfect fit for her. I did tell her I bought her one, so this was not  a surprise for her.

I also bought two Galaxy Lip sticks. The color is absolutely gorgeous 😍 I bought one for myself, and the other one as a reseve.

Here is a photo of me with and without the Fenty Pro Filter.

The left photo was taken on the 21st of December while the right photo was taken on December 24.

The left photo is make-up free, except for the eyebrows, while the right photo is with my full-on make-up 🙈

Not sure if there is much difference.

Neways, then I got a lot of samples! They love giving out samples at Sephora, wished they have out samples here in Norway as well.

These are all the samples I received, I gave some to my sister. I still have to try them out though 😊

Also, going to Sephora make take you longer than expected! My boyfriend had to wait for me for about half an hour because I took too long at Sephora 🙈

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