Louis Vuitton Place Vendome

Hello and hope you had a lovely Christmas 🎄

Anyways, back to my Paris trip! I was alone in Paris up until Wednesday. So what I did during the day I was alone was to carry on with my business!

My first agenda was to visit Louis Vuitton Place Vendome!

That is because in this store you can get a special stamp, and I had some tags to stamp for friends and to trade 😊 you see in the months of my absence from this blog, I became addicted to collecting stamps from Louis Vuitton 🙈

I didn’t get to take a lot of photos inside, since I think it’s embarassing however I managed to get some

While waiting almost an hour for the hot stamping guy to come I was looking around the floor and bought a few tour books for my brother and I. I was also offered drinks, and I chose tea 😊

The hot stamping process was fascinating and it took a few minutes to get all the tags I brought with me stamped 😊

Here is my tag stamped with the LV Sun 😍 it is one of my prettiest stamp to date 🙈

I actually came out of the store with a giant shopping bag, but really all that was inside of it were two books! 🙈

Tje other book was wrapped nicely because I told the SA that it was a gift for my brother, which it was so I don’t have a photo of it 🙈

I also went or walked by the store during the evening and took a photo of the building. It is so gorgeous 😍

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